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With 10 years’ experience in the industry and an additional 14 years’ programming previously, computing and mathematics have long been core interests of mine. During the past 7 years, I have mostly focussed on big-data architecture, distributed parallel processing, and high-availability systems. Notable former roles include VP of Engineering, big-data architect, and senior engineer, and I am equally comfortable as devops engineer, programmer, or data architect. I am passionate about high-quality engineering, regardless of the role, and am well-versed in principles of security theory and practice.


Isoxya web crawler


Isoxya is an internet data processing system representing years of research into building next-generation crawlers and scrapers. Isoxya comes in two editions: Community Edition (CE), a free and open-source (BSD 3-Clause) mini crawler, suitable for small crawls on a single computer; and Pro Edition (PE), a commercial and closed-source distributed crawler, suitable for small, large, and humongous crawls on high-availability clusters of multiple computers. Both editions utilise flexible plugins, allowing numerous programming languages to be used to extend the core engine via JSON interfaces. Plugins written for Isoxya CE should typically scale to Isoxya PE with minimal or no changes.

Open Source
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