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Experienced professional freelancer of full stack web application development, I have been working from past 12 years in web technologies, e-commerce solutions, enterprise software, systems integration, product designs, web and mobile applications development.

Throughout my career, I have led the design and development of a variety of high technology products. My work has significantly contributed to optimizing business efficiencies and generating profits. I have, moreover demonstrated an acumen for understanding customer requirements and providing the most accurate and cost-effective solutions.

As a Freelancer my work has consistently received accolades and positive client ratings. Thriving in teamwork and collaborative environments, I seek to transpose my skills in meaningful and challenging projects.

Specialties: Full Stack Web Development | Single Page web application | React & React Native | Angular | PHP (Laravel/CakePHP/CodeIgniter/Yii) | Python | Ruby On Rails | MySQL | PostgreSQL | MongoDB | XML | SASS | LESS | AWS | ServerLess(Lambda & Cloud Functions) | Firebase Realtime db

Examples of work
Connected Senses

Freelance Constant

Mobile Development

Connected Senses App is a mobile tracking app for strength training. It connects to Connected Senses device over BLE to measure various measurement to track the progress of strength training.

Built using Rect Native with BLE integration and I have involved in the development of application from the scratch.

React Native
Google Cloud Platform
Everyday Lives


Full stack development

EthOS is a ethnography SAAS Platform. It includes a mobile application and a CMS to manage the project. I took over project and helped them to reduce the infrastructure cost by 50% by optimizing the resource utilization.

During the contract period (approximately 3years), I helped them to many new features and build the base architecture for the version of the platform

Google Cloud Platform
VMG Digital

Freelance Consultant

Web Development

RedPepper is a digital publishing solution which helps the companies to make there digital publications more interactive. It is built using Angular in the frontend and Drupal in the backend.

Clients can easily deploy by adding simple javascript snippet into there website. Application is very smart and handles all the mobile responsiveness even though the App runs inside the iFrame.

Angular 2
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