Eoghan O.

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creative tech, prototyping, R&D, tech direction, WebGL, GLSL, JS, TS, AI, XR, VR, AR, web, apps, Python, React
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London, UK
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Sole trader
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Offering: creative tech, prototyping, R&D, tech direction, WebGL, GLSL, JS, TS, AI, XR, VR, AR, web, apps, Python, React



Eoghan O'Keeffe [oʊən oʊkif] code ∩ creative ∩ art

I make art and creative work through tech...

Adapt and learn across disciplines...

Evoke natural dynamic processes and interactions...

Explore creative applications of emerging tech...

I'm into creative, cognitive challenges...

Develop real-time graphics, games, apps, web, AI, VR...

Experiment with tech, physics, maths, art...

Explore new spaces, striking experiences, offer utility...

Skills and focusses:

- Real-time interactive graphics, art, games: `WebGL`, `GLSL`

- Artificial Intelligence: vision, graphics, data; `Tensorflow`, `PyTorch`

- Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, XR: `WebXR`

- Develop web, apps: mostly Front-End, `JavaScript`, `TypeScript`; some Back-End, ops, native, `Node`, `Python`

- Real-time natural interaction: computer-vision, tracking, gesture, voice

- Algorithms, architecture, R&D: physics, maths, prototyping

- Direct and consult in creative-tech: explore challenges and solutions, research approaches, lead and collaborate with creatives/designers/developers

BSc 1:1

I'm also into...

Travel, nomadism...

Learning, challenges, new perspectives...

Music, gigs, festivals, film, comedy, theatre...

Art, drawing, exhibitions...

Conversation, debate, reading...

Scuba, snowboard, parkour, football...

Examples of work
Max Cooper
Tendrils Interactive Music Video
Concept, prototyping, development of interactive visuals

Interactive music visuals for Max Cooper's Emergence AV collaborations series, as featured on Experiments with Google; with a standalone version for live events and playing around.

Concept, prototyping, development for interactive visuals.

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