Website Designer

4 months ago
$55 - $70/hour (Estimated)RemoteAvariant Technology Consulting
Commitment 10-20 hours per week. Salary Terms Contract based salary. Ideal job for a person seeking a supplementary source of income. Job Description

As a member of the Avariant Technology Consulting solutions team, the employee's primary duties will be to design, code, program, and update websites for clients. The employee will work in teams on various projects concurrently. It may also be expected that the employee meet with clients when the need arises.

Required Skills A strong foundation in web design and htm is necessary. The ideal candidate would possess over 2 year's experience in htm and possess knowledge of a wide range of associated technologies. Desired Skills Expertise or proficiency in any of the following languages: Java, Javascript, CGI, ASP, Cold Fusion, SQL, and/or Flash. Image manipulation and graphical design skills are pluses. Other Details Flexibility in work hours. Employee must be able to work remotely for a limited number of hours during the week. Samples of website work may be requested.
Interested individuals should e-mail with a resume and an attached cover letter indicating what position they are applying for.

Individuals interested in working for Avariant Technology Consulting should possess the following skills for best consideration:

  • Excellent written communications
  • Windows/Unix Operating Systems & Internet Browser Experience
  • Excellent People skills to interact with customers
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Willingness to tackle varying tasks and new challenges
  • Organizational skills