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Senior Software Developer

1 year ago
$60 - $80/hourRemoteAMPLY Power


The ideal candidate has built contract-first, highly scalable event driven, micro-service IoT platforms, in the Electric vehicle / charging platform space, with a focus on integration of best of breed value-add partner applications in the fleet management, billing, scheduling, and real time vehicle to grid control space. The successful candidate is a hands on developer, and technology leader, with a strong experience in integrating third party products and application in an enterprise platform.

Remote work okay within U.S. only with ability for occasional travel to Mountain View, CA. This is a consulting to possible full time hire position.

  • You will bootstrap the development of the AMPLY platform (developer No. 1), including the tools and infrastructure needed (CICD, testing)
  • You will design the technical architecture of the AMPLY service platform, based on 99.99% target service availability
  • You will participate and own the cloud software part of the EVSE and vehicle OEM validation process with emphasis on end-to-end system validation, to achieve robust end to end service availability, resilience and redundancy
  • You will heavily leverage public cloud / AWS services
  • Work in a continuous integration continuous development environment where you help maintain test driven discipline and enforce the 'do not break the build rule' right from the beginning, Establish and maintain continuous integration, continuous delivery pipelines
  • Establish and maintain technical excellence of additional individual contributors
  • Lead technical and architecture reviews
  • In the near future: Mentor team members in coding and development skills, including software architecture, cloud-native design, contract-first design and test driven development


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related field
  • 10 to 15 years of professional experience in event driven (server + client) software development and delivery
  • Professional software engineering management experience is an asset
  • Experience with Docker containerization and container orchestration
  • Deep experience with AWS services (ECS, managed db services like dynamo, lambda, api gateway, multi-region setup, cloud front, cloud formation, CodePipeline),
  • Demonstrated experience designing API-first contracts and microservices
  • Demonstrated experience maintaining continuous delivery pipelines
  • Demonstrated experience running an agile scrum process
  • Technical excellence in service oriented / object oriented / event driven development; deep experience in modern internet event-drive languages (node-js, python, scala)
  • Deep experience in HTTP RESTful API design, Linux and Python, experience with IoT frameworks, additional asset: Embedded C, C++
  • Knowledge on M2M communication standards and platforms
  • Strong troubleshooting/analytical skills
  • Additional asset: Engineering experience in low/medium voltage EV charging stations (EVSE), Software validation experience in the EV industry, automotive or electrical industry, is a plus
  • Aditional asset: Good knowledge of evolving level2/3 charging protocols, CCS / OCPP / CharIn, and preferably hands-on experience with vehicle to charger to cloud integration testing

At Amply Power, you become a driver of the electric vehicle revolution. We are building an EV charging as a service business for fleets, accelerating and simplifying the electrification of buses, trucks, cars, and autonomous vehicles.

AMPLY builds fully automated charging systems, based on our IoT real time control platform, optimized for lowest electricity cost, while delivering a per-electric-mile-driven EV charging service to our fleet customers.

AMPLY removes the risk for a Fleet Operator on choosing charging stations. We purchase and operate both the charging stations and are the account holder of the utility meter. Amply supports all major charging stations on the market, both DC fast chargers and AC level 2 chargers.

AMPLY removes the risk of time-of-use and demand-charge driven pricing variance, to provide a known, consistent cost for electric fuel-as-a-service, by using our breadth of knowledge, access to electricity markets, and real-time energy-flow management technology that keeps your fleet charged at the best cost.

As IoT platform software engineer, you will join a company that makes a difference on the journey to sustainable eMobility. Amply was honored by Fast Company’s 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards for Innovative Charging-as-a-Service Business Model for Fleets of Electric Vehicles.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $60.00 to $80.00 /hour


  • Nodejs: 5 years (Required)
  • Microservice IOT Platforms: 10 years (Required)

Contract Length:

  • 5 - 6 months

Contract Renewal:

  • Likely

Full Time Opportunity:

  • Yes

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