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Senior DevOps Engineer

7 months ago
Reston, VA 20190The Consortium, Inc.
  • AWS - Lambda, SNS, SQS, Dynamo
  • AWS Server-less Architecture
  • Bachelors Degree
  • JavaScript (ES6)

  • Design, develop and implement automated solutions, based on a set of standards and processes which establish consistency across the enterprise, reduce risk, and promote efficiencies in support of the organizations goals and objectives.
  • Responsible for the quality of your work; will develop and implement a set of quality criteria and the associated validation method to ensure that any deliverable meets the expected quality levels of our customers, use quality management standards/metrics to ensure quality levels are maintained, seek new approaches and techniques to improve quality levels and analyze the impact of quality control and quality assurance on project performance.
  • Use metrics to establish feasibility of new initiatives and develop plans, including budget, sequencing and time frames.
  • Provide support (coaching and mentoring) for teammate's work activities on a regular basis
  • Actively review their own and the teams work product and implement improvements seen from other teams or within the industry to drive continuous improvement of the teams efficiency, speed, and quality.
  • Design systems that allow for monitoring and reporting.
  • Develop full stack solutions and continuous delivery frameworks that improve the ability of the CB IT delivery teams to efficiently deliver solutions with quality and reduced time to market.
  • Write complex code, building infrastructure as code, work with immutable cloud based environments, and build the supporting automated toolsets necessary to support the continuous delivery pipeline.
  • Integrate COTS products across the continuous delivery pipeline to provide a comprehensive automated system from epic definition, development, test and deploy of CB applications within our data center and Amazon.
  • A hands-on engineer who leads by doing. Take responsibility for creating design specifications, unit testing, and preparing technical documentation. Develop solutions from business initiation through operational integrity.
  • Support the development of standards by creating templates for ease of use and increase system productivity
  • Foster, and build a community of practice for collective learning of the tools and systems across all disciplines

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