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Java Developer to create Java video tutorials

5 months ago
$150/hourGreat rateRemoteNext Level Solutions USA

I am going to be creating a video tutorial on how to use Selenium WebDriver with Java. I am good with Selenium WebDriver, but I require help on the Java side. Therefore, I require a talented developer/teacher to record a video course on using Java.

The Goal: To teach the least knowledgeable person in the world how to write their first automated functional test using Java. These students are complete beginners and require excellent hand-holding through the Java tutorials.

The Requirements:
1. 12 hours of video tutorials teaching Java. The goal of this course is to start from the very beginning and teach the most simple person in the world how to set up a Java environment and start coding Java. Some of the topics will include:
- Java coding conventions for variable names and so on
- Expressions, Statements, Code blocks, methods and more
- Java Control Flow Statements
- OOP Part 1: Classes, Constructors, Inheritance
- OOP Part 2: Composition, Encapsulation, Polymorphism
- Java Arrays, Inbuilt Lists, Autoboxing, Unboxing
- Inner And Abstract Classes & Interfaces
- Maven
- If you are capable of teaching Git or Jenkins CI, please let me know as these are also important. But not mandatory.
2. You will need to create all the lectures in video format
- lectures cannot be longer than 10 minutes in length
- lectures will be recorded with a high quality mic
- lectures will include multiple media types:
- powerpoint
- tons of coding exercises. Every 3 lectures. I can show you where to get many great exercises.
- tons of quizzes
- Videos should be 1080p quality
- you will need to do your best to limit pauses, hesitations and stumbles. However, it does not need to be Perfect.
- lectures should be high energy and exciting
- 1 talking head video with powerpoint presentation giving an overview at the beginning of a section
- I will own all rights to all the content
3. 3 months of Q&A support after course release. Max I would request here is 3 hours a week to answer questions and work with me to fix potential course issues.

4. Your credentials
- You must be able to make a complicated problem simple. We take this as higher priority over experience
- You must be a passionate individual
- You must be able to make an interesting video course
- You must have a strong speaking voice and be comfortable behind a microphone
- You must have Amazing coding skills

- You must know Intelli J

- You must know JUnit and unit testing

Really looking forward to meeting and working with you!

Job Types: Temporary, Contract

Salary: $50.00 /hour

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote


  • Flexible schedule

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