Front End Developer

4 months ago
£500/dayGreat rateCity Of LondonColbern Limited

Our client is looking for an experienced Front End Developer a mid weight full stack developer with at least 3 years experience.

A developer who has:
Built an online booking system
Built a fully functional website/web app working on the backend and the frontend
Worked on a project from the initial phases to the final launch
Experience with C#, MVC, Web API Development experience and Angular
Knowledge about TDD,CI/CD Pipeline (for eg : CircleCI,TeamCity etc)
Experience with source version control (Github)
Experience in building API interfaces
Experience in microservice architecture
Agile experience and able to work in a multi-disciplinary team

This level of experience is required because we need to build something that is:
Fully functional and integrated with APIs and various components
Future proof

They also need to:
Do to a technical discovery and make recommendations re software
Demonstrate they care about accessibility issues
Follow GDS patterns and end system
Demonstrate skills and aptitude to work with an apprentice or junior developer
Please only apply if you have the necessary skills, experience and expertise. The first part of our recruitment process is to send your CV.