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Systems Engineer (Remote till end of year)

12 days ago

Job Details:

Example 1:

Role will be supporting learning applications

Global offices use these apps (5 different apps)

Contractor will support most of these apps

Example 2:

All access team, HR team, Talend system (will support these teams)

Candidates need to spend their time in 3 parts:

· 1/3rd time in meetings

· 1/3rd time in development (enhancement, design solutions, writing code to deploy)

· 1/3rd time in documentation or learning more on cloud (if they are not familiar)

Top 3 Skills:

· Cloud

· Immigrations

· Exp with Javascript coding

Required Skills:

· Support associate facing technologies

· AWS (Update bucket policies, tagging, SQSQs, events, triggers, lambda)

· Knowledge around coding (javascript –preferred followed by angular, node JS and Python)

· CICD pipeline

· Monitoring tools (splunk, relik)

· Should have a mix of soft skills and hard skills

· Someone with a coding background will be given priority

· Exp with serverless technologies (nice to have)

Job Duties:

· Contributing section for BAU work

· Handling tickets etc.

· Lot of troubleshooting

· Analyze issue and come up with a fix

· Integration from workday into system

· Writing code, testing it etc

· Good comm skills (both verbal and written)

· Good team player

· Self-starter

Job Type: Contract


  • Monday to Friday

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote

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