Backend Rails Developer (Contract, Remote)

20 days ago

We're looking for a backend Rails developer to join our team on a contract basis


  • Located in the United States
  • Proficiency in the English language, both written and verbal, sufficient for success in a remote environment with team and client communication
  • Self-management skills, time prioritization, and estimation skills
  • Work in line with our values

Strong proficiencies and working experience with

  • Git (eg. GitHub) version control
  • The Ruby programming language
  • The Rails and Rails::API frameworks
  • API Design (eg. REST/JSON)
  • API Documentation (eg. Swagger)
  • The ActiveRecord ORM
  • Relational Databases (eg. Postgres)
  • Testing Frameworks (eg. Rspec)

Bonus skills

  • PaaS hosting providers and DevOps tooling (eg. Heroku)
  • CI/CD Tooling (eg. CircleCI)
  • Worked with clients before (freelance or agency)
  • Has implemented common SaaS paradigms, like:
    • Multi-tenancy
    • Payment Processing
    • User Event Tracking
    • 2FA/MFA
    • A/B Testing
    • Caching & Rate Limiting
    • Reporting & Data Aggregation
    • Integration with 3rd Party APIs

Our Values

  • Be Pragmatic - We are practical, sensible, and realistic. We believe in creating software that's good for users through Lean principles, by launching an MVP and running lean experiments to make data driven decisions.
  • Strive for Quality - We put our passion into our craft. We strive to design and build quality software. We focus our talents and efforts in doing a few things well, instead of more things poorly. We believe passion, creativity, focus, and optimism leads to quality work, deliverables, and relationships.
  • Collaborate Freely - We collaborate with our clients instead of taking marching orders. We choose the best tools for the job at hand and have our recommendations heard. We work with proactive coworkers who trust and respect one another. We assume that people have good intentions and provide direct and constructive help. Everyone has the ability to improve anything, as titles do not separate our shared mission and goals.
  • Create Happiness - Make time for health, energy, and balance. Strive for fulfillment in our shared humanity. Show positivity and passion. Be funny and have fun. Expect career and life satisfaction.
  • Long-term Sustainability - In order to support these values, we maintain a consistent level of profitability and long-term sustainability. Without maximizing profits, we uphold strong fiduciary duties to all of our members.

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