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Back-end Software Developer (contractor)

6 months ago
RemoteArchangel Group

Role Description:

We are looking for an exceptional, proactive, detail-oriented back-end software engineer contractor to work with us for 3-6 months to deliver apps and services for SaaS customers.

You will be part of our full-stack development team and contribute to the design and development to produce novel applications that manage AI-enabled devices.

This is a chance to join a fast moving startup at a time when you can build from the ground up and apply yourself to a wide range of technologies.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Design and develop back-end and middleware components for our web apps, iOS and Android apps that interact with remote embedded devices.
  • Interact with the other development teams to ensure a complete system deliverable.
  • Design and develop key components
  • Deliver quality outputs, following agile methodologies.

Essential skills / Experience

  • Strong software design and development experience, including OO design
  • Web app, iOS and Android app GUI design experience
  • Strong rapid / iterative development skills
  • Proficient with multiple modern technology such as MEAN, MERN, React, Vue, Angular, Node, GO, Express, MongoDB, SQL, NoSQL, MQTT, Kafka, ELK, Docker, Kubernetes, Message Brokers, etc.
  • Excellent communication skills (written, and spoken)
  • Strong commitment to agile practices
  • Strong understanding of security essentials, session management, etc.
  • Familiarity with TDD, BDD, CI, CD etc.

Desirable Skills / Experience

  • Commercial back-end/middleware scalable system design and delivery experience
  • Multi-platform architecture / design experience
  • SaaS / B2B / Multi-customer development and deployment experience
  • Commercial experience with cloud deployment, network diagnostics and data analytics
  • Full-stack design and development experience
  • Scalable IoT solutions experience
  • Customer / user engagement experience
  • Devops experience
  • Familiar with serverless architecture
  • Familiar with micro-services architecture
  • Familiar with LoRa, Wi-Fi, Iridium, 3G, 4G etc.
  • Early stage startup experience preferred
  • Embedded software experience beneficial

Location: Our core team is currently based in Harwell Space Campus – remote working is possible for this role.

About us:

Archangel Imaging is a startup developing distributed intelligence and advanced camera systems with on-device AI. We have worked on World Record projects and have developed unique machine vision payloads including edge AI devices winning the AIConics AI for Good award (2019), the BT Infinity Lab Augmented Intelligence award (2018), and finalist at the Dubai's Robotics for Good (2017). We are passionate about bringing deployable AI technology to underserved groups in remote areas who wouldn't have access to AI applications otherwise, and to tackling those major problems that affect our planet.

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