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Web application development, frontend development and data visualisation within the tech start-up, corporate, financial, broadcast, online advertising, e-learning and online casual gaming industries.

Key skills: React/Redux, GraphQL, JamStack, D3, Node/Express/npm, JavaScript/ES6/TypeScript, Jasmine/Jest/Enzyme, Webpack/Babel, git/sourcetree, svn/tortiseSVN, agile.

Examples of work
Vodafone Group

Vodafone V-Hub

Tech lead

Greenfield project, building a set of sites aimed at an internal marketing push to attract SME customers. Multi-lingual JAMStack sites, using a custom Build/test/deploy pipeline.

As this was a platform rather than a single site, a significant proportion of the job involved lasing with the clients (six of them!) plus other teams within the organisation that were leveraging the same system as their base (one internal team, one external consultancy, both with international teams).

Sites include:

South Africa:






Not yet published online but had major input in;

Supporting an e-commerce site using the same system.

Supporting integration of AI based search/customer targeting systems within the offering.

Continuous Delivery

Calrec Connect Web application

High End Web Application Development

Although desktop publishing for video is now commonplace, terrestrial broadcasting is still a personnel and equipment intensive process. For example, breaking news coverage and on-site sports coverage requires a mobile control desk, setting up of several cameras and numerous audio feeds, very close synchronisation between all elements, and high quality and real time network connections.

Calrec Connect brings this to the desktop. It allows remote configuring of broadcast infrastructure via emerging AOIP (Audio over IP), allowing a remote team to actively manage live broadcasts via nothing except an internet connected laptop.

The system uses React/Redux. Particular features of the development included;

Massive throughput; 1-2Mbytes per second is not uncommon.

Multi-user and real-time; several users can be controlling the same network at the same time.

Requirements to build a custom GraphQL connector from scratch (there was no off-the-shelf GraphQL client for the back end language (goLang) at the time.

Sole front end developer on the project, workign closely with the UX team and product owner, with significant interaction at senior and board level, as this was a flagship offering.

Technical test, large financial organisation (bond credit rating).

Technical test

Web development

A common technical test for React developers, concentrating on low-level front end abilities (JavaScript/CSS, responsive design, progressive app data); build a TODO list without any framework. The link shows the readme, which contains a live link to the running application.

Technical Test, mid-sized tech company

Technical Test

Web application development

A common technical test; a currency change calculator. Illustrates use of React, responsive design, working to a specification, testing etc. The readme has a live link to the working application. The testing is covered by a separate readme at

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