With remote and freelance work becoming ever more popular, the number of online platforms facilitating the recruitment of contractors has boomed. Platforms like YunoJuno and wellpaid.io are designed to connect companies and freelancers and make the hiring process easier, quicker and cheaper. But which one is right for you?

In this article, we’ll review YunoJuno and compare it to wellpaid.io as an alternative. We’ll look at both platforms’ key features, pros, cons, and pricing to see how they stack up as a solution for hirers and contractors alike.

Main Differences Between YunoJuno Vs. wellpaid.io

  1. wellpaid.io is a dedicated marketplace for hiring contractors for the tech industry. While it offers discounts and advice for other related services, its main purpose is to connect hirers and contractors, removing the middleman and any associated commissions. By contrast, YunoJuno is a comprehensive platform that allows companies to source, manage and pay their freelancers. It provides these services on a commission basis charged to hirers.
  2. wellpaid.io has a clear and transparent subscription-based pricing plan for hirers with no commission. It’s free for contractors, but they can boost their profile and enjoy additional services for an affordable monthly cost. YunoJuno is also free for contractors, however, it charges hirers a percentage of each booking, meaning it can get very expensive for them.
  3. wellpaid.io is designed to be a recruiter-free zone. Whereas YunoJuno allows companies to manage their recruiters on the platform.

What is YunoJuno?

YunoJuno was founded in London as a marketplace to connect UK-based freelancers with companies in the creative industries. The platform allows hirers to find the right contractor for a brief, covering multiple disciplines from client services to design to developers.

As well as facilitating direct communication between freelancers and hiring companies, YunoJuno also incorporates contract and time management, billing, and analytics. It has been used by big-name clients including the BBC, Farfetch, Netflix, and Depop.

YunoJuno: Key Features

For Contractors

  • Create a freelancer profile and accept or apply for project briefs from hirers in the creative, marketing, and tech sectors.
  • In-built invoicing and fast payment: the billing process is incorporated into the platform and freelancers are paid by YunoJuno within 14 days, independent of client invoice.
  • Direct communication with employers to discuss contracts, no expensive middlemen.
  • Support with compliance: YunoJuno takes care of right-to-work, NDAs, and IR35 assessments.

For Hirers

  • Freelancer Management Platform: companies can manage existing and new contractors and get insights into their freelancer workforce.
  • Define a project brief and find relevant UK-based freelancers who have gone through a selection process including providing reference checks and work examples.
  • Create a pool of favourite freelancers.
  • Support with compliance: YunoJuno offers IR35 workflows and SDC, right to work, criminal and finance checks, providing companies with an audit trail
  • Integrated payments with consolidated invoicing and tax: pay anybody (including existing recruitment partners) who structures their services as a Personal Service Company, Sole Trader, or Umbrella Company. Tax deductions are automatically passed to HMRC.

YunoJuno Pricing

YunoJuno’s services are completely free for freelancers: no commissions are taken from their earnings. Instead, hirers are charged the invoice rate plus a booking fee. This commission rate is not displayed on their website but third-party sources suggest that the standard fee to employers is 9%.

So, if a freelancer charges £400 per day for a 10-day project, the hirer would be charged £360 for that one booking. If a company is contracting multiple freelancers in a month, the commission will add up very quickly!

YunoJuno Pros And Cons


  • Freelancers are guaranteed payment within 14 days regardless of client invoices; clients save time with incorporated invoicing and payments
  • Compliance is made easier with in-built NDAs, right to work checks, contract verification, and audit trail services
  • Real-time human support
  • 70% reduction in recruitment costs
  • 98% positive feedback on all bookings
  • £100k insurance on all Outside IR35 contracts, supplied by Zurich


  • Payment by commission rather than flat-rate subscription fee means YunoJuno can be very costly for hirers
  • Not a recruiter-free zone

YunoJuno Alternative: What is wellpaid.io?

wellpaid.io is a recruiter-free marketplace for premium contractors and hirers in the tech industry. Unlike other recruitment services, we pride ourselves on our friendliness and transparency.

Created and run by experienced IT contractors who were fed up with recruiters, wellpaid.io draws on the founder’s industry knowledge to make the process of finding work and freelancers easier. Mainly targeting developers and people in charge of hiring at digital consultancies, we’ve been trusted by companies including Google, Maplin, Crew, Crucial, and Equipment Connect.

wellpaid.io: Key Features

For Contractors

  • Recruiter-free job marketplace: we review all hirers to ensure the platform is recruiter-free. That means better pay for contractors as they don’t need to pay commissions on their invoice rates. With that said, the public job boards may contain some positions from recruitment agencies that have been aggregated from other sources to increase the breadth of offers available.​​
  • Create a free profile in the contractor database to find the best outside-IR35 contracts and indicate your availability, rates, and more.
  • Can boost their profile in search results, contact hirers directly, and get an annual IR35 assessment for just £19 per month.
  • Find regular work and one-off projects with digital, tech, and product consultancies or agencies.
  • Access discounts and a community forum.
  • Get concise, practical, and actionable advice on advanced contracting topics including IR35, accounting firms, and tips for successful subcontracting, etc.

For Hirers

  • Recruiter-free freelancer marketplace, outside IR35 contracts only.
  • 0% commission on bookings: affordable, transparent subscription rate with a flat rate for each additional job listing.
  • Find experienced, UK-based contractors who have passed vetting by technical experts to ensure quality.
  • Search and filter freelancers by rate, currency, location, and whether they work onsite or remotely.
  • Explore the database and directly message contractors or post a public job listing to receive inbound leads.
  • Credit for Notion plus discounts on accounting and insurance services including annual accounts, bookkeeping, tax returns, and secretarial work.

wellpaid.io Pricing

Unlike YunoJuno, who charge hirers commission on each booking, wellpaid.io makes our revenue from subscription fees with pricing displayed clearly on our website.

It’s completely free for contractors to create a profile on wellpaid.io. Freelancers can then choose to boost their profile, contact hirers directly, and enjoy other benefits for a very affordable £19 per month.

Hirers pay a monthly subscription of £199 per month plus £99 for additional listings, making it accessible to SMBs without the worry of increasing commission costs. Our pricing works on a credit system, so listings roll over to the following months if unused. Hirers also get discounts on Notion, accountancy services, insurance, and IR35 services.

wellpaid.io Pros And Cons


  • Zero commission and no recruiters: recruiters often charge between 10-20% of a contractor’s day rate, so you can save up to hundreds of pounds every day by hiring via wellpaid.io instead
  • Discounts on key services for tech contractors and companies
  • Hire the best UK-based developers (amongst other contractors) who have been carefully vetted by tech experts
  • Browse the contractor database for free before signing up
  • Get advice on IR35 and other advanced contracting topics
  • Direct communication between contractor and hirer, no expensive middleman
  • Up-to-date availability so no time wasting for either party
  • Contractors can join a community of fellow professionals to share knowledge and subcontract gigs
  • Developer-run customer support


  • Not for hirers looking to manage, pay, or analyse their freelancer workforce: the wellpaid.io platform is designed purely to connect contractors and hirers

YunoJuno Vs. wellpaid.io: Feature Comparison




Free for contractors

Experienced UK-based contractors

Freelancers vetted by tech experts

Help with compliance, IR 35

No commission

Customer support from developers

Payment and invoice management

Data and insights into freelancers


Free for contractors, 9% fee for each booking for companies

Free for contractors, £19 for pro contractors, affordable monthly subscription for hirers

Why Switch To wellpaid.io As A YunoJuno Alternative

For companies who want a comprehensive service that integrates hiring, managing, paying, and analysing their freelancer workforce, YunoJuno is a powerful platform. However, with commission-based pricing, it can get very expensive for hirers.

Rather than offering multiple different services, wellpaid.io instead focuses on providing a friendly and transparent marketplace designed to connect the best-quality contractors with hirers looking for their services. So, if you’re looking for a platform dedicated to cutting out the middleman and making work easier for freelancers and companies alike, wellpaid.io is the ideal YunoJuno alternative.

Forget Commission & Recruiters With wellpaid.io

Fed up of paying commission and dealing with recruiters to source freelance work or contractors? Whether you’re an experienced tech contractor or looking to hire one, wellpaid.io is the place to get the job done without having to worry about commissions adding up or unfriendly recruiters.

Why not give it a try? Apply for a free contractor profile today. Or, if you’re looking to hire an expert tech freelancer, browse the contractor database for free and find the right person for the job.