Over the past few months, we’ve been working on a pretty major update to wellpaid.io—a recruiter-free marketplace for contractors and hirers, enabling both to connect and engage in projects without the need for expensive agencies.

And we’re delighted to announce that that marketplace is now live!

So, what’s changed?

The jobs board will still exist (just scroll down on the homepage), and contractors will still be able to use it to find and filter new contracts in the same way as they could before.

However, the marketplace will make it possible for members to connect directly with other contractors and/or hirers, without having to deal with recruiters or be subjected to any third-party commission.

The most notable new features of the marketplace are that:

  • Contractors can now create their own profiles, containing all of their key information—including skill set, rates, and availability. This will allow hirers to reach out directly when they’re available, without them having to lift a finger.

You can see what a sample profile looks like here.

  • In turn, hirers will be able to browse the exclusive contractor database to find the perfect candidate for their project, without relying on an expensive middle man.

We also carefully review the profiles of the contractors who apply to join the marketplace, so hirers can be sure that the applicants they’re in contact with are top-quality.

Why the change?

The goal of wellpaid.io has always been to make it easier for contractors to find work and add transparency to the job-search process, whilst removing the ambiguity and extortionate costs that recruiters bring to the table.

The introduction of the recruiter-free marketplace is a huge step towards achieving this. By curating a database of excellent talent and making it easily accessible to hirers, it will be far faster, simpler, and less stressful for the best contractors to find the best contracts—without either party having to pay any commission.

In addition, contractor profiles have been in high-demand among the wellpaid.io community for a while now—so we’re really excited that they’re now a reality.

How do you access the marketplace?

Joining the network is quick and easy. Simply head to our signup page and pick the plan that’s most appropriate for you.

For contractors:

There is one standard plan for contractors, which involves a short application process.

With a free contractor membership, you'll be able to:

  • Create a profile
  • Receive enquiries from hirers (example)
  • Access the private community forum

With a Contractor Pro plan (£19 / month) you’ll be able to:

To join, contractors need to apply for a profile via a short form. Why? We want this marketplace to be for high-quality, engaged contractors in the tech industry. Applications are necessary to maintain this standard, and also to check if you match any skill shortages.

Apply for a profile now.

For Hirers:

Our Hirer memberships work on a credit system (either one off or on a monthly rolling contract). To post jobs and send messages to applicants, you must purchase credits.

Each credit costs £149 (or £99 / month) and gets you:

  • 1 featured job listing
  • Access to the zero-commission contractor database (launching soon)
  • Job(s) featured on the wellpaid.io homepage
  • Exclusive discounts

Credits roll over if you don't use them.

For example: if you usually need to fill 4 contract roles each month, your rolling monthly subscription would be £396, which would get you 4 credits every month—with any unused credits rolling over to the next. If you run out, you can also purchase any additional credits you need within the same month for £149 / credit.

Sign up now.

All prices exclude VAT.

You can find the full overview of what each plan includes—plus some FAQs about the new memberships—on our signup page.

Got any other questions? Feel free to reach out to chris@wellpaid.io.