We’re very excited to announce that wellpaid.io is now home to a marketplace for contractors and hirers in the tech industry!

Why the change? Our mission has always been to help the very best contractors work with the very best companies. Our jobs board will still continue to operate as before, and provide a steady flow of relevant applications to any listed jobs; but by also curating a database of excellent talent and making it easily accessible to hirers, we trust that it will be far faster, simpler, and less stressful for both parties to find the right match. And neither will ever have to pay any commission.

Sign up and start filling your contract roles now.

Why join the marketplace as a hirer?

There are 5 main reasons why the wellpaid.io marketplace is the best way of filling your contract roles:

  • Access a highly relevant pool of candidates

The wellpaid.io marketplace is for tech hirers and contractors only, meaning that you have a highly targeted method of finding the talent you need, fast. And as well as receiving applications from contractors, you’ll also be able to browse their detailed profiles, and proactively reach out to individuals who meet your criteria.

  • High-quality, vetted contractors

All contractors must undergo an application process in order to join the wellpaid.io network. As such, you can rest assured in the knowledge that applicants coming through the marketplace already meet a high level of quality.

  • Skills to suit all of your tech contracting needs

Within the wellpaid.io community, you’ll find tech contractors offering a wide variety of skills across full-stack engineering, product, UI/UX design, data science and DevOps.

  • Better rates for you and your contractors

There’s no two ways about it: recruiters are expensive (their fees usually equate to 10-20% of a contractor’s day rate: potentially costing you hundreds of pounds every single day). At wellpaid.io, we take no commission, meaning that the rate you list will be the rate a contractor receives...making your offering much more competitive to applicants.

  • Dedicated on-hand assistance from the wellpaid.io team

wellpaid.io was founded by experienced IT contractors, so we know our way around the industry. We’re here to offer advice and ensure that your roles get filled ASAP.

How the marketplace works for hirers

Filling your open contracts via wellpaid.io is quick and easy. In a few simple steps, you’ll have a contractor lined up for your next project—and will have saved £££s in recruiter fees:

1. Browse the contractor database for free

Browse contractors for free

Before you sign up, you can browse the database for free to get an idea of which contractors are available for your role. Filter contractors by your criteria, including skillset, location and rates.

Found someone that's a good fit? If they're a Pro contractor, you can also contact them for free. Otherwise you'll need to upgrade to the Hirer plan.

All messages are reviewed to establish whether or not you're a recruiter before being sent on to the contractor.

2. Become a wellpaid.io Hirer

If you want to access the full database or open a public contract, you'll need to sign up.

Our Hirer membership starts at £99 / mo ex VAT. This includes:

  • Access to the zero-commission contractor database
  • 1 job listing
  • Job(s) featured on the wellpaid.io homepage
  • Exclusive discounts

One-off job listings are available for £149 ex VAT, but that won't include access to the contractor database unless you have a Hirer membership.

Sign up now.

You can find the full overview of what a plan includes, plus the answers to our FAQs, on our signup page.

3. Browse the full database

Example contractor profile

Now you have full access, it's time to jump back into the database browser. You can now filter by rate and view full profiles for all contractors.

Each contractor profile lists their skillset, availability, insurance cover and more, depending on what information they've provided. You can explore their projects and visit their LinkedIn profile for more information.

If you'd like to contact them, hit the Contact button to send them a message.

4. Open a public contract

Post a job form

Want to increase the reach beyond the wellpaid.io contractor database?

Open a public contract to receive inbound applications from Google, Twitter and our partner sites.

Your Hirer membership includes 1 free job listing per month. Subsequent listings can be purchased for a £149 one-off fee (or an additional £99 / job / mo if you're willing to commit).

5. Start receiving applications

Contractors will now be able to start applying to your role—which we’ll make sure gets seen by as many candidates as possible, via the following channels:

The wellpaid.io community

Our invite-only database of approved, high-quality contractors will be notified, to guarantee that your listing gets seen by the best in the business.

Job board applicants

Your job will also be posted on the wider wellpaid.io jobs board, which gets seen by thousands of contractors each month—so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on talent that hasn’t yet joined the wellpaid.io community.

Jobs are marketed via Google Jobs, Twitter and other partner sites.

Your listings will also be “featured”, meaning they will get top billing—increasing your job’s exposure further.

And that’s all there is to it! You‘ll soon have a pool of applicants to choose from—it’s just a case of setting up your interviews, and choosing the right candidate for you.

Sound good? Sign up and start filling your contract roles now.